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FlexiThane™ 150 - a Superior highway repair system

Because FlexiThane 150 is the same viscosity as water, it finds the hidden flaw. FlexiThane 150 encapsulates and stops rebar corrosion, chases hairline cracks, bonding and sealing them. Prevents water seepage into rebar. Resists salts and strong chemicals. Aggressive AlOx aggregate retains skid resistance over many years. Pour over aggregate or broadcast aggregate into puddles of 150. Can be walked on in 5 minutes or driven on in 20 minutes at 70 deg.F or two hours at <32 deg. F.

FlexiThane™ 150 has been approved by the Washington State Department of Highways for repairing damaged surfaces.

FlexiThane™ 150 Application Directions Word Document


FlexiThane™ highway ramping repairs

exposed rebar before FlexiThane™ 150 repair

FlexiThane™ 150 repairs after 5 years of heavy traffic!

FlexiThane™ highway repair


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