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Additional Flexithane Products

Get a grip! Lose the drip!


  • A two-component, liquid applied, low viscosity polyurethane-alloy
  • A quick (2 minute) curing pourable concrete and crack patch filler
  • For masonry substrates, concrete and asphalt
  • Protects from weather, corrosion, freeze/thaw spalling and chemicals

  • High chemical resistant version of FlexiThane 200

FlexiThane 310 is used as a final coat for Moby Deck, as a seamless, waterproof, high gloss, cleanable finish coat for protection from: U/V Weathering, Salt and fresh Water, Skydrol, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic Oil, Motor Oil, Mild Chemicals. Resists pressure-washing, hot tire marks, heavy foot and vehicle traffic. The clear version stays “water clear” even in extended U/V exposure.




FlexiThane™ 310 high gloss
finished commercial floor
FLEXITHANE™ 200 Series

Flexithane™ 200 - water catalyzed, gray color
Felxithane™ 220W - same as 200, white color
Flexithane™ 260 - odorless, 100% solids

  • Economical one-component, high solid moisture-curing urethane waterproof undercoatings
  • require a U/V and wear resistant finish coat
  • fast and economical restoration of broken and cracked gypsum cement subfloor systems common to apartments & warehouses

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