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Marine Deck Coating Systems

Get a grip! Lose the drip!


Examples of Moby Deck applications on apartment decks and working marine vessels

  • filling pitted surfaces

  • providing anti-skid

  • building cushioning surface

  • sealing decks from the elements

    Before (left) and after
    Moby Deck (above)

    Before (above) and after
    Moby Deck (right)

    FlexiThane recoating of quarter
    deck on vessel Misty Cove

    Closeup of anti-skid FlexiThane™
    coating on vessel Misty Cove

    Refinished Apartment Deck
    Warped, cracked plywood covered,
    leveled and sealed

    Moby Deck on Engine
    Room floor (above)

    New Moby Deck anti-skid
    deck on Pilot Boat


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